The Cambridge Seven – Book Review

It’s not often you hear a story about a bunch of social elites throwing away everything to pursue a life of devotion to spreading the Gospel. But that’s exactly what the Cambridge Seven did. I was inspired to reading about these men when it was mentioned a few times. The first time was at the … Continue reading The Cambridge Seven – Book Review


Who is Jesus, and Why does it Matter?

Have you ever asked yourself “Who is Jesus?”, and not just in passing or in general but with the intent of really determining what it is you believe about him one way or another? If you’re a Christian reading this article then I can only assume that you have and that you have come to … Continue reading Who is Jesus, and Why does it Matter?

Jesus didn’t die so we could have a comfortable life

Over the past few weeks I've been working in some areas that are a little rough. Your lower socioeconomic and less affluent sort areas where you would probably lock your car doors and drive past a little faster than usual. While I didn't have the most glamorous upbringing, my parents were there for me and … Continue reading Jesus didn’t die so we could have a comfortable life

The story of Saint Peter

I was fortunate enough to spend the Easter weekend away in a place called New Norcia - a small monastic village not too far from Perth. A great weekend get away, particularly for such a special occasion as the Easter period which was enriched by the spiritual and historical aspects of the town. Highly recommend … Continue reading The story of Saint Peter