Week 4 in the Catechism

Welcome back to week 4 in our series on the modified Baptist Catechism. So far, we’ve addressed the first eight questions of this document. Today, we pick up we left off last week – on what God is.   Question 9: Are there more gods than one? Answer 9: There is only one living and true … Continue reading Week 4 in the Catechism


Week 3 in the Catechism

Hello, and welcome back to our guided tour through the modified Baptist catechism. This week we’re focussing on questions 6, 7, and 8. By now, we have hopefully memorised questions 1-5. If this is your first week with us, please click here to get started. Without further ado, let’s begin.   Question 6: May all … Continue reading Week 3 in the Catechism

Week 2 in the Catechism

Apology: This article is 1 week and 1 day late. There were some technical issues last week when I was supposed to post this article, and by the time posting became possible there would not have been sufficient time for memorisation. Then, again, yesterday when I was supposed to post again, I was further hindered. … Continue reading Week 2 in the Catechism

Catechism supplement 1: Glorifying God in our weakness

This week we saw that, according to the modified Baptist Catechism: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever”. This has some further implications for us, and I would like to go into them here. First, allow me to explain why I didn’t include this as part of Tuesday’s ‘guided tour … Continue reading Catechism supplement 1: Glorifying God in our weakness

Week 1 in the Catechism

Today we begin our first week in the catechism. This is going to be a relatively easy week, because the first two questions are quite short and self-explanatory. Question three will require a little more explaining, but all in all this should be a nice, gentle introduction to a wonderful and beneficial document. Your job … Continue reading Week 1 in the Catechism

Introduction to the Catechism

I was approximately 20 before I knew what the meaning of life is, despite having grown up in Church. I knew about God, but He was a footnote to my life. He certainly wasn't the meaning of my existence. After all, I thought, nobody really knows the meaning of life, and to claim otherwise is … Continue reading Introduction to the Catechism