Turning to You, Christ
Is in a sense
Turning from black to white
Darkness to light
Bondage to freedom
Blindness to sight

And now, God,
In Your sight,
In Your light,
I see a spectrum of colours
Those I didn’t know existed
The beauty of who you are

The ochre of humanity
The form you took
So our finite eyes can see you

The cyan of the living water
The One that quenches
Our eternal thirst

The crimson of your sacrifice
The payment for my penalty
The blood of eternal covenant

The white of your purity
The only One that is Holy
The blameless Lamb of God

The silver of your royalty
The shine of your light
Your majestic being

The gold of your glory
The Creator of all
Worthy to receive all praise

Thank You Lord
For opening our eyes,

We can see your glory now
We can see the spectrum of your Love,
May we see more colours of Your glory
Give us more sight.




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