Clothe Me

I’m running to the quiet place
Where I can hear Your Voice again
The gentle, guiding authority
That inspects my soul again

Look at this frail life O Lord
My heart yearns for the Living Word
Yet it is clouded with distractions;
The trivialities that are holding me down

The world offers

I don’t want them
Nor does my soul desire them
Yet they are entangling me
They are like a thorn in my flesh

You know it Lord
You can see, O Yahweh

That I run to these things from time to time
That I chase them when I feel down
I confess my iniquities
I lay these corruptions before Your Cross

Strip them away from me
Take them as far as the eastern sea


No matter what I put on
I am naked before you
No matter where I go
Nothing is hidden from you


There’s nothing I can do
To be right with you
There’s nothing I can say
To gain your forgiveness


But one thing I know
That You took my cross
The one I was meant to carry
As someone who was lost

Golgotha, You bore.
My death, You took.
Thorns, You wore.
My sins, You carried.

How can I ever repay You, O Lord?

You said, “It is finished.”
You breathed Your last.

Your death, my reconciliation
Your life, my salvation

How can I ever repay You, O Lord?

As completion awaits
Clothe me O Resurrected King
With Your robe of Righteousness
With Your sandals of Love
So that I may walk in the light of Your Love
And run in this race You have put me in

As sanctification progresses
Clothe me O Resurrected King
With Your everlasting holiness
With Your radiant Kindness
So that my face may radiate You
And that they can see You in me

Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord
And our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee

And my heart has found its rest,
On that Calvary
In Your complete work
My heart has found its rest.


Sanctify me O Christ
Clothe me for your glory



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