Your love is running within my frail veins
My veins are wretched O Lord
Yet  You have decided to reside within them
So through me, Your glory can reign

Allow me to look to You alone
Grant me a willing spirit to not want
Enable my heart to not feed off human love
Remind me of what I already have in Your Son

Human love excites for a moment
But Your love endures forever

Write this on my heart O Lord
Engrave this on my soul

Conform me to the Image of Your Logos
Enlighten me with the mystery of Your Right Hand
For Your Son reigns and holds the whole Cosmos
So whisper to my soul, remind me of Yourself

Allow my soul to enter its rest in You
Without You, I am like a wildflower
Forever blown by the East wind
But You have planted me on solid ground
So that my soul would know its Saviour
The King of Glory, The Lion of Judah

I am currently on an unfamiliar ground
But it is a sweet, sweet ground
My soul is leaping in joy
Because it hears the glory that is to come
Just like the unborn baby within the womb
Leaping in joy when a hint of life is trying to make contact
So is my soul leaping, overjoyed and overawed by the promise
That one day my being would be united back to you
My True Lover

To You alone I kneel down
To You alone I bow and worship
To You alone I raise up my hands in joy
To You alone I listen, at your feet

Enable me to not want
Enable me to not seek anything or anyone else

Here I am at your feet Lord
Grant me my wishes

Soli Deo Gloria,
Come soon Lord Jesus. Come soon.


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